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    Ignasi Vidal

A memory of Avignon

Ignasi Vidal

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3 Adults
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Theater is a living art form, so much alive that sometimes it can supplant real life, overcome it. Two women, a mother and her daughter, both successful actresses, perform together on stage a historical drama. A strange love triangle which torment both women and ends up tragically. On the other side, in the real life, both are competing to get the attention of the stage director, who is the former lover of the older woman. In the midst of this panorama, the characters will expose their diverging point of view regarding theater and art in general, love and everything that involves the complicated matter of one’s feelings.

Available translations: No

Performed: Yes
Performed: 09/07/2015
Performed place: FERIA PALMA DEL RIO (Córdoba)
Other performed: None

Award: Nominated to best playwright Premios Lorca 2016
Other awards: Nominated to best playwright Escenarios de Sevilla 2016

About playwright
Spanish Nationality. Ignasi Vidal was born in Barcelona in 1973. He is a playwright, director, musician, singer and an actor. He was very young when he created A Media Distancia, his rock band, singing his own songs, but his acting studies with Carlos Lasarte took him to the theatre world, where he grew up thanks to his father, Ignacio Vidal, a successful theater producer. He worked as an actor in cinema and TV, but it is in theater, mostly in musicals, where he will develop most of his career mainly with Stage Entertainment: Les Miserables, Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, Spamalot or The Beauty and the Beast. Now Ignasi dedicates most of his time to his passion, writing plays, with a very particular style. He doesn’t write to make people feel good or even to make him feel good. When writing, he is mobilized by some anxiety, and he eventually lets the characters express their own feelings, like in the real life.