About us


We created L&L with the objective of allowing you to dedicate 100 % of your time to writing plays. For the rest, we will manage everything. We will administer your rights making sure that you receive all your royalties in time, and that the best possible terms are negotiated in the licenses and contracts.

We want to promote and defend our playwrights within and outside Spain. For this, we will put together the best options to value your works and your writing career. With us, the licensing process will be fluid and easy but preserving your interests.

Our aim to help playwrights live off their writing. We will support you as a creator. That is our purpose.

Estibaliz Latxaga

Estibaliz Latxaga, develops her most recent professional career always related to the performing arts, the digital world and new technologies. This trajectory is carried out in some companies such as Eventim Tickets – ticketing (www.entradas.com), where she was the performing arts manager for 13 years. This position allows her to get new theaters and auditoriums contracts throughout Spain for the entradas.com brand, implementing and developing commercial and marketing strategies related to audiences loyalty programs, as an added value for the theaters and auditoriums. In these years Estibaliz develops all its relationship with theaters, theater festivals, private entrepreneurs, public institutions, managers and distributors throughout all Spain.

In 2015 she joins the Vocento Group – one of the leading written press groups in Spain through 21 leading leaders in its markets-, as a consultant of the ticketing project that the group develops from its digital business unit.

Before creating the Agencia L & L, she becomes the Performing Arts Manager at SGAE, which gives her a very accurate vision of the origin and creation of the performing arts process.

During that time she identifies the self-management situation of playwrights in Spain (creation, management and promotion by themselves) and realizes the lack of theater agencies in Spain (which it is extremely strange situation compared to the rest of the countries). It is from this moment when in collaboration with Janine Lorente, raises the need to create the Agencia L&L Agency and both of them decide in 2017 to put at the playwrights service their own experience to help them in managing their rights, promoting their plays, developing their own brand as a playwrighter or helping them in any legal issue.

Janine Lorente

Janine is a specialist in the management of intellectual property in Europe and internationally. Her extensive relationship with screenwriters, directors, songwriters, CMOs and production companies all over the world, make her one of the top specialists and references in this area. Her professional trajectory has always been related to the defense and management of authors rights: as Director of International Relations and then Deputy CEO of the French CMO SACD (www.sacd.fr), as Deputy CEO of Spanish Music CMO SGAE (www.sgae.es), or as Director of International Relations in Los Angeles for the DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA (www.dga.org).


When managing these organizations, her objectives have always been to improve the statutory and contractual rights of screenwriters, directors, playwrights and songwriters worldwide, as well as making sure that the administration of their rights reached the highest level of efficiency, at reduced costs using the most updated IT tools. To this end, for example, she successfully concluded a 360 turnaround of a CMO’s organization and changed its corporate culture. She negotiated agreements with trade associations, film studios, TV networks, Internet operators, VOD and SVOD services.


She initiated the creation of a lobbying organization in Brussels, the SAA (www.saa-authors.eu), and Chaired it for 3 years, successfully launching a campaign to harmonize authors rights in Europe. Also in the EU landscape, she has worked as an expert with the EU Commission on programs aimed at adapting copyright laws to the market economy in Central and Eastern European countries, and trained CMOs staff in these countries to administer authors’ rights.


She eventually decided in May 2017 that, after all these years of acquiring this broad and global experience, it was about time that she established her own consulting firm, and used this experience to serve authors’ organizations around the world.