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We will manage your rights, collecting and paying your royalties at the fastest. We will take care of all process about licensing and registering your plays.
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We want to promote your plays in Spain and other countries, always defending your rights and negotiating the best economic terms possible.
We will help you in any matter concerning accounting, fiscal or legal issues. We will also help you to develop your personal brand.

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About the author
Juan Pablo Heras  Playwright, translator

Spanish Nationality.

Juan Pablo Heras is doctor and licensed in Literature Theory and Compared Literature y Hispanical Philology. He combines his started writing in the 90’s while he was studying Spanish philology at the University. He is a very awarded playwright: De Fábula (children and young audiences), Premio Buero Vallejo in 2014 In 20 De Fabule 6 of his 12 plays have been awarded.

Juan Pablo Heras
About the author
Ignasi Vidal  Playwright, director, musician, singer and actor

Spanish Nationality.

Ignasi Vidal was born in Barcelona in 1973. He is a playwright, director, musician, singer and an actor. He was very young when he created A Media Distancia, his rock band, singing his own songs, but his acting studies with Carlos Lasarte took him to the theatre world, where he grew up thanks to his father, Ignacio Vidal, a successful theater producer.

Ignasi Vidal