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    Carlos Atanes

The tap of 5,000,000 Euros

Carlos Atanes

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Carolina, una ladrona de cuadros, se introduce de noche en la mansión de un millonario excéntrico, coleccionista de arte, y consigue llegar hasta la habitación donde guarda su pieza más notable, “El grifo” de Wilhelm Gottenschaler, valorada en cinco millones de euros.

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Estrenada: Inédita
Fecha del estreno: 2017
Lugar de estreno: Teatro 1
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Premio: Premio 1
Otros premios: Premio 2

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About playwright
 Spanish nationality Screenwriter, playwright and director. He started his career at 17, making his own short films in Barcelona in 1987, where he developed most of his professional career in film as independent screenwriter and director. Among many acknowledgements, he received the following awards : Best Film Award at the International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers in Athens in 2005, nominated for the  Silver Melies Grand Prize category at the Festival of Fantasy Cinema (2006); the Ignotus  Award attributed by the Spanish association of Science Fiction (2007); Icon Award (Tel Aviv 2007), and Best Film award at the BUT Film Festival in Breda (2010). His films have been selected in the oficial sections of more than 60 film Festivals in Europe, Latin America and the USA He moves to Madrid in 2007, when he decides to become a playwright in parallel to his film career. Those who know Carlos describe his style as follows: "A great creative universe, both in cinema and on stage, with a comon denominator:  nihilism, exasperation and a sharp sometimes desperate sense of humour. A gentle despair, from which emanates a spirit of revolt, situated in some apocalyptic fields, sometimes tangible - an opressive and devastated scenery, an abandoned factory, a world in ruins... - and sometimes moral and psychological. These particular aspects, in addition to the oral richness with which he expresses his creativity, are deeply attractive and tempting. Several of his works were published : some of his plays, novels (Confutatis maledictis in 2007 and Combustion Espontanea de un Jurado in 2012), a screenplay (Aleister Crowley en la Boca del Inferno, 2013), and non-fiction (Los trabajos del directo, 2007). Carlos writes regularly for the digital magazine Coencuentros.es